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Welcome to explore our archive of privacy tools and related information brought to you by The Spectreproject. This is a work in progess and will change regularly.
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A selection of the best anonymous cryptocurrencies that you can use online today. This section also contains information on Bitcoin and various tools to show how Bitcoin forensics work and how Bitcoin is far from anonymous.


A selection of network tools. To be updated.

 VPN / Proxies

A selection of VPN providers. To be updated.


A selction of useful tools. To be updated.


A selction of e-mail providers and tools. To be updated.

About #digitalfreedom.foundation

The UK government is preparing for one of the most draconian surveillance regimes in the world and Russia is preparing new laws to control the internet and China, totalitarian regimes, hackers and criminals wants your money and information. As a result of the shrinking freedom online and extreme surveillance we have decided to create a simple to use ‘library’ of information and tools to help keep you private and anonymous online and at the same time illustrate how you might be exposed and what capabilities exist. We believe that the internet should be free for all and available to all and you should be able to connect with people and read what you want and access websites without being monitored. Although some of the links and tools could in theory be used for unlawful purposed, we DO NOT endorse any illegal or unlawful activity. We believe that privacy is an absolute right and also that freedom from surveillance online is also a right. This site is for information and education purposes only. If you find links that are not valid or you have any links to suggest for us to add to our library then please CONTACT us.

We aim to provide a library of links to privacy / anonymity resources and not to provide a learning resource as such. We encourage you to do your own research and make up your own mind and choose the tools that might be right for you.

Most of the tools are free or opensource although there are links to a few commercial tools that are deemded to be extremely privacy centric.

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If you know of any sites / tools / services that should be listed then please CONTACT us and let us know. We will pay a reward for every link we choose to post on the site. The purpose is to create a library of privacy tools. Also, if you find that a service we have linked to no longer exist then also CONTACT us and let us know!

"“Privacy - like eating and breathing - is one of life's basic requirements.”

Katherine Neville