As the UK government is preparing for one of the most draconian surveillance regimes in the world today, Russia is preparing new laws to control the internet and access to the internet. Chine is continuously working on controlling their citizens and their use of the internet, as are other totalitarian regimes and oppressive state powers. Hackers, criminals and other rouge elements are seeking to exploit you and steal your money and information. The internet is awash with threats and still most people are blissfully unaware of what they can do about it.

As a result of the shrinking freedom online and extreme surveillance we have decided to create a simple to use ‘library’ of information and tools to help keep you private and anonymous online and at the same time illustrate how you might be exposed and what capabilities exist. We believe that the internet should be free for all and available to all and you should be able to connect with people and read what you want and access websites without being monitored. Although some of the links and tools could in theory be used for unlawful purposed, we DO NOT endorse any illegal or unlawful activity. We believe that privacy is an absolute right and also that freedom from surveillance online is also a right. This site is for information and education purposes only. If you find links that are not valid or you have any links to suggest for us to add to our library, then please contact us.

Launching soon.

Brought to you by The Spectreproject.